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Who are us?

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The SFCE supports research through its scientific council, pathology committees, scientific meetings and publications.

French Centers

In total, 30 health establishments have been identified as centers specializing in pediatric oncology, recognized by the French Society for Cancers and Leukemia in Children and Adolescents.


25 pathological committees coordinate all research in pediatric oncology and hematology in France

Cross regional Hospital Organizations (OIR)
regional pediatric oncology networks

Who are us ?

About SFCE

SFCE is a professional society of pediatric oncologists and health care professionals dedicated to the improvement of knowledge, diagnosis, treatment and follow up of children and adolescents aff ected by cancers.

Particularly involved:

The dedicated specific regional cancer mechanisms

Pediatrics coordinate the regional organization of pediatric cancer care and ensure its legibility. They contribute to the information and training of healthcare teams, patients and their families on the pediatric cancer care pathway.